Professional Quality for Professional Artists

With three years experience in the music production game, Skinny Leg Productions is here to provide you with the best possible quality hip hop, rap, r&b, and pop beats and instrumentals on the market. Too many hip hop beat sites try to push everyone the same cookie cutter sounding beats. We're here to offer you professional quality beats with a unique and distinctive flare. These beats will take your upcoming project to the next level! I've been educated in music history as a producer and I understand how important it is for you to create art that is not only meaningful, but profitable. With firm roots in funk and soul, rock, and r&b, my musical influences allow me to create very unique top quality beats! Take your music to the next level, let me help you make the music you want!


If you have an idea for a beat you think I would be able to satisfy, let me know. You can contact me via email at We will discuss your vision for the beat, and decide whether or not to go forward. If we do, I will spend no less than 24 hours on your beat, or until you are satisfied. Prices start at $1,000 dollars for 24 hours of work. I promise to create only the best professional quality beats I can so that you can take your next project to the next level!